Thursday, April 2, 2009

March 09: Celebrate Democracy - Vote India

Jai HInd: Celebrate Democracy - Vote IndiaIndia is in the process of electing her 15th Lok Sabha. More than 700 million eligible voters will be electing 543 Parliament Members in a few days. Indian Election Commission has already set the process.

All along, the youngsters and educated middle class have not shown much involvement in the election process. Nearly 60 percent of the educated middle class never went to polling booths. They used to give excuses like criminalisation and corruption in politics. for their attitude. There is also another view that due to non participation by educated middle class, the political parties are taking advantage and that leads to the deterioration of quality in politics.

Whatever be the reasons, today, India is the largest democratic country in the world. Democracy is the only better form of governance, when compared to other models like autocracy or dictatorship. Democracy has also flaws. The advantage is that people can correct the flaws, if they want.

Now, there is a large scale awareness has come amongst the educated middle class, particularly amongst the youth about politics. Media also has started analysing and reviewing the performance of the Members of Parliament in 14th Lok Sabha. They started analysing their attendance, participation in debates, raising of issues and questions, etc. This has also created an awareness amongst the Members of Parliament that they are being watched.

In this context, the March 09 issue of PR-e-Sense deals with the theme 'Celebrate Democracy -Vote India'. The purpose of this issue is to provide some basic awareness to the youth about the Indian Parliament and its role in National development.

This issue has many unique features. Mr S K Kharventhan, Member of Parliament and the top-most performer in the 14th Lok Sabha has honoured us by Guest Editing this issue. We also have an exclusive interviews from Former Indian President Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, Former Chief Election Commissioner of India Mr T S Krishnamurthy and Well known Parliamentarian Mr Era Chezhian. ( Dr Kalam's interview is given below)

The ezine may be downloaded from the following link (530 k in pdf format)

Visual Podcast of Dr Abdul Kalam

Please listen to his interview by clicking 'play' button. (The streaming of audio and visuals will be smooth in broad band connections. If the streaming is not smooth, please download the file in wmv format and play through your windows media player) - 7 m 50 s

Audio Podcast

You may listen to the audio of Dr Abdul Kalam by clicking the 'play' button of the flash player. (If the streaming is not smooth, you may download the file in mp3 format and play in your mp3 player)

The podcasts may also be listened at

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