Thursday, July 1, 2010

June 2010 - Financial (il)literacy

June 2010 issue of ezine deals with 'Financial (il)literacy'. 
With the booming economy, present day youngsters are exposed to more money, than their earlier generation possessed in the corresponding age. With the new marketing techniques, blowing advertisements, youngsters are attracted towards more of unplanned wasteful expenditure. When we decided to focus on the theme ‘Financial literacy’, we conducted an online survey to understand the mood of the readers. 
There was a general feeling cutting across the age group, gender and location that the present day youth needed more awareness about financial management. We had also received many real case studies of youngsters possessing more than a dozen credit cards and falling into debt trap. In spite of this, we felt happy that many youngsters were keeping financial discipline, but lacked awareness about savings and investments.  In this issue, we have attempted to bring out the realistic situation and suggestions for not falling into debt trap.
The ezine may be downloaded in pdf format (424 k) from the following link:

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