Friday, June 30, 2017

124th (June 2017) edition of ezine PreSense: Editorial on Yoga - A Health Pack + Cover Story on Presidential Election 2017 + GST + PSLV C38 + Remembering Emergency days of 1975 + many more

We are pleased to release the 124th (June 2017) edition of your ezine PreSense broadly with the following contents.

1.  Editorial  :  Susan Koshy writes on "Yoga - A Health Pack"
2.  Cover Story - Sukruti Narayanan writes on "Race to Raisina", the Presidential Election 2017
3.  Nation:  T N Ashok writes on ""Goods and Services Tax" (GST), which is being implemented from 1st July 2017.
4.  Technology :  Dr R Jagannathan writes on the success story of PSLV - C38.
5.  Special Article : K. Srinivasan writes on the darker days of Indian democracy during Emergency imposed in June 1975.  
6.  Triambak's Prince cartoon.
7.  Box item : WhatsApp menance - How Forward Mania syndrome of WhatsApp users cause inconvenience to others.

Editorial Team is also happy to announce that 125th edition of your ezine will be released on 27th July 2017 at Chennai, coiciding with the second death anniversary of Dr Abdul Kalam.  As readers know, Digital Journalists' Association of India (DiJAI) is one of the initiatives of ezine PreSense.  We plan to launch DiJAI Students' Forum in three select colleges on 27th July 2017, followed with a workshop on 'Digital Journalism'.  

The ezine may  be downloaded from the link

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

123rd (May 2017) edition of ezine PreSense: Editorial on the need for civil society to encourage performing Parliamentarians + Cover Story on Sansad Ratna Awards 2017 + Profile of Awardees + A Game changer in Politics + many more

On behalf of Editorial Team, we are pleased to release the 123rd (May 2017) edition of PreSense.

As already announced in our earlier editions, PreSense organised a grand event at IIT Madras on 27th May 2017 to honour the outstanding Parliamentarians with Sansad Ratna 2017 Awards.  This edition of ezine is completely devoted for the Award event and the Seminar. This edition broadly contains following contents:

Editorial :  K. Srinivasan writes on the need for the civil society to recognise and encourage the performing Parliamentarians and Legislators.

Cover Story :  Susan Koshy writes a brief report on the Sansad Ratna 2017 event.  It was a day long event with the participation of  eminent political leaders and experts.

Profile of Nine Sansad Ratna Awardees

Special Awards to shining stars of civil society

Special Article :  T N Ashok writes on how this Sansad Ratna Awards has become a Game Changer in Politics.

Triambak's Prince toon.

We have also shared the links of Photographs and the videos in this edition.  Readers can listen to the excellent proceedings, as and when they find time.

We are confident that you will enjoy this edition too.  You may kindly share this with your contacts who are interested.  Please send us your feedback to

This edition  may also be downloaded from this link.

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