Monday, December 1, 2014

92nd (Nov 14) edition of ezine PreSense: J&K Elections + Spam Mails + Rajendra Cholan + German as third language + Between you and me + many more

We are happy to release the 92nd (Nov 2014) edition of ezine PreSense with the following contents:

1. Cover Story: Jammu and Kashmir Assembly Elections 2014 -. K Srinivasan brings out many unknown historic facts that keeps J&K from the mainstream.

2.  Ancient Indian Wisdom : Sukruti Vadula writes about Rajaraja Cholan who had a naval fleet 1000 years ago.

3.  Technology Corner:  From this edition we are introducing a new section to share views about technology and cyber issues. V. Rajendran starts this section with interesting information about spam mails. We invite suggestions and questions for future issues. 

4.  Between You and Me:  This is also another new section introduced from this month.  Any aam aadhmi can share can share his/her views on any subject frankly.  Susan Koshy inaugurates this session with her views on a subject chosen by her. We invite readers to contribute in this section. 

5.  Controversy:  The recent controversy over the teaching of German as third language in Kendriya Vidyala Schools has generated a lot of discussion in the media.  K. Srinivasan analyses the issue.

Besides, we have also included many interesting sections like  Dr Abdul Kalam, PRince cartoon, From the Archives, etc.

The ezine may be downloaded from the following link also.

Please Share your feedback and suggestions.  Please share this ezine with your contacts.

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