Sunday, September 1, 2019

150th (Aug 2019) edition of eMagazine PreSense: Editorial on Article 370 + Cover Story on Prestigious Institutions of India + Report on the launch of eDigest PreSense150 + How food affects our actions and behaviour + Women MPs top the performance during the first session of 17th Lok Sabha + many more

On behalf of Editorial Team of PreSense, we are pleased to release the prestigious 150th (Aug 2019) edition of our eMagazine.

On 24th August 2019, we launched the eDigest PreSense150 (digest of select articles publlished in the 150 editions) and a 16-page booklet containing the information about the flagship initiatives of PreSense, in a simple and impressive event at Chennai in the presence of eminent persons of the city.

They can be downloaded from the following links:

eDigest PreSense150

Flagship initiatives

150th edtion of PreSense broadly has the following contents"

1.  Editorial : Susan Koshy writes on the recent withdrawal of special status to J&K (Article 370)/

2. Cover Story : Dr R Jagannathan writes on the prestigious Institutions of India.

3.  Special Report : Susan Koshy writes on the event launching the eDigiest.

4.  Health : Prime Point Srinivasan writes as to how the food affects our actions and behaviour.

5.  G Priya Dharshni writes on the performance of Parliament and Members  during the first session of 17th Lok Sabha

6.  Triambak's Prince cartoon.

The ezine may also be downloaded from the link

We are confident that you will continue to enjoy this edition.  Kindly send us your feedback to

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