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Friday, January 1, 2016

106th(Dec 2015) issue of ezine PreSense: Cover Story - Chennai Rains + Lessons Learnt + Drone, the UnSung Hero in the rescue operations + Case Study on Singapore Flash Floods in 2010 + Facebook - Historical Facts + Many more

Editorial Team of PreSense is pleased to wish all its readers a very happy New Year 2016.  May this New year bring prosperity to our nation and to the world.  We are also pleased to  release / attach herewith the 106th (Dec 2015) edition of ezine PreSense with the following conents:

1.  Cover Story :  K. Srinivasan and Sukruti Vadula present the detailed account of the recent rains and floods in Chennai,  only of its kind in the 100 years.  The cover story deals with the impact and the lessons learnt.

2.  Special Story  :  Susan Koshy, Editor writes about the interesting aspects of the UnSung Hero  'Drone' (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) developed by Madras Institute of Technology (MIT).  Drone helped to rescue one thousand people stranded in the floods.

3.  Special Story : Bhavani, Former Director of Communication of Singapore Government writes about the flash floods in Singapore (2010) and how they managed.  (case study)

4. From the Archives : Interesting historical facts about Facebook is reproduced from the Dec 2009 edition.

This edition focusses on the 'Disaster Management'.   Prince cartoon adds value to this concept.

We are confident that you will enjoy this edition. Please send us your feedback to

The ezine may be downloaded form the following link in pdf format (1 mb)

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