Thursday, July 2, 2009

June 2009 - Sound of Silence

Generally people think that oral and written format of communications only transmit messges. But many people are not aware that 'silence' is also a great communication and management tool. Traditionally, ancient Indian scriptures talk more about the importance of 'silence'. Even in the recent days, Mr P V Narasimha Rao, Prime Minister of India is known for his 'Governance through silence'.

June 2009 issue of PR-e-Sense deals with the importance of silence and its impact on the individuals and in goverance. In this issue many eminent people like Mr N Vittal (Former Central Vigilance Commissioner of India), Mr S Narendra (Former Information Advisor to Prime Minister), Mr D V Sridhar (an eminent Yoga expert) have shared their views and experiences.

We have also explained some simple steps, how we can practise 'silence' in our day to life to improve our 'inner strength'. The issue may be downloaded form the following link (320 k)

Mr N Vittal has explained elaborately on the importance of silence. Plese listen to his interview by clicking 'play' button in the flash player below. The audio streaming will be smooth in broadband connections. If the streaming is not smooth, you may right click this link and download the mp3 file of the audio. (12 m 39 s)

This podcast interview may also be listened from the following link:

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