Friday, April 16, 2010

Journey of PRince (cartoon character) - July 08 to April 10

When the ezine was celebrating the Second Anniversary in Feb 08, Mr T S Krishnamoorthy (Former Chief Election Commissioner of India) suggested to include cartoon section in the ezine.  Within few weeks, we had the opportunity of listening to Dr Abdul Kalam, who appealed to all media to use more of cartoons, to bring cheers on the face of readers.
The Editorial Team decided to introduce cartoons every month and circulated the information.  We wanted to create an unique 'cartoon character' like 'common man' of R K Lakshman. .  Based on the suggestions of one of our members, we named  the cartoon character as 'PRince'.
Mr Triambak Sharma, Editor, Cartoon Watch  (photo) and one of the well known cartoonists of  India created the character PRince.  PRince was launched by Dr Abdul Kalam himself in July 2008 with his autograph.  From that day, PRince also joined our team and started his journey.   Every month, we carry one cartoon of PRince drawn by Mr Triambak Sharama.  
Please enjoy the PRince cartoons published by us from July 08 to April 10 in the ezine.
You can watch in YouTube 

You can watch through slide show:

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