Thursday, January 31, 2008

Jan 2008 - Golden Jubilee celebrations of ABCI

Association of Business Communicators of India (ABCI) is the first body of professional communicators in India, established in the yer 1957. Their Golden Jubilee coincided with the 47th Annual Awards Nite held on 11th Jan 2008 at Mumbai. PR-e-Sense brings out a special feature on ABCI.
We have also produced two podcasts. Eminent personalities like Mr Yogesh Joshi (President, ABCI)_, Mr K S Neelakantan (doyen in the Indian communication industry), Ms K Bhavani (Director of communication, Singapore Government), and Mr G P C Nayar (Chaimran, SCMS group of educational institutions) have shared their views.
Right click to download the Jan 2008 issue of ezine 280 k in pdf format

Podcast I - Mr Yogesh Joshi, Ms K Bhavani, Mr G P C Nayar - 10 minutes
Interviews with Mr Yogesh Joshi, Ms K Bhavani and Mr G P C Nayar
Please click to play (10 minutes)

You can hear this from the following link also
Podcast II - Exclusive interview with Mr K S Neelakantan
Please click to play (8 m 43 s)

You can also hear this from the following link:

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