Sunday, April 3, 2016

109th (March 2016) issue of ezine PreSense: NPA in Banks (Editorial and Cover Story) + Digital Journalism workshop + Domain name bookings + Story of an ant + many more

We are pleased to release the 109th (March 2016) edition of ezine PreSense with the following contents:

1.  Editorial:  Susan Koshy writes on the recent happenings that were discussed on the NPA of Banks.

2.  Cover Story: K. Srinivasan writes on the growing trends of NPAs in Banks and the causes.

3.  Special Story:  K Srinivasan writes on the proceedings of the Digital Journalism Workshop held at IIT Madras. (Gist of the important points included).

4.  Technology Corner:  V Rajendran gives a few tips to the companies and individuals, who want to book domain name.

5.  Triambak Sharma's Prince cartoon

6.  From the Archives of March 2010:  The story of an ant (It is purely 100% imaginary and if it resembles any real situation, it is only coincidental.)

This ezine may also be downloaded from

We are confident that you will enjoy this edition too.  Please send us your feedback to

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