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Sunday, November 1, 2015

104th (October 2015) edition of ezine PreSense: Cover Story on Cartoon Festival 2015 + Artist-Cartoonist Sankar + Sahitya Akademi Awards + Data Privacy + Prince-toon and more

Greetings to you from the Editorial Team of Ezine, PreSense.

We are pleased to release and attach herewith the 104th (October 2015) edition (PDF file) of our ezine, PreSense. The main features of this edition are the following:

1.  Cover Story : K. Srinivasan, Editor in Chief, brings a report on the recent Cartoon Festival 2015 at Chennai, held to felicitate some renowned and veteran cartoonists from the city.

2.  Profile :  Sukruti Vadula, Editorial Advisor shares some moments spent with veteran artist and Cartoon Watch Life Time Award recipient, Sankar and his life story as artist.

3.  Controversy :  Susan Koshy, Editor takes a look at the flurry happening in the country over the returning of the prestigious Sahitya Akademi and other Awards by writers and artistes.

4.  Technology : V.Rajendran, Editorial Team Member explains all about Data Privacy, a subject of public interest and concern.

5. We have included the regular features of Prince-toon by our cartoonist,Triambak SharmaQuote from Dr Abdul Kalam, and an article from the Archivesof PreSense.

The ezine can also be downloaded from the following link (about 1MB in PDF format): 

We welcome feedback from our readers and it may be addressed to .  Please feel free to share share the ezine with your contacts.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

102nd (Aug 2015) Edition of Ezine PreSense : Confusing media priority + Parliament disruption + Data loss and Cyber laws + many more

We are pleased to release the 102nd (August 2015) edition of Ezine PreSense with the following contents.

1,  Cover Story :  Confusing Media Priority - As we release this ezine, we find that all the national channels and some of the national papers continuously giving  coverage of 'Sheena murder case' for the past one week, overlooking other nationally important and priority happenings in the country.  Susan Koshy, Editor analyses the current media priority in the cover story. For the first time, we have used a cartoon i.e. Triambak's 'Prince' cartoon as the cover picture.
2.  Controversy:  The recent monsoon session of Parliament  was a total wash out due to disruptions by opposition parties.  T N Ashok writes about this controversy and expectations of the citizens of our country.  
3.  Technology corner:  V Rajendran writes about the Data Loss and the impact of cyber laws.
4.  From the Archives of Aug 2009:  We have reproduced an article on the 'first tweet'.
5.  Important Podcasts:  We have provided the links of video podcasts published by us covering the speeches by eminent speakers during Sansad Ratna Award function and during the launch of 100th edition of ezine.
The ezine can also be downloaded from the following link in pdf format.  (650k)
We are confident that you will continue to enjoy this ezine.  Please share the ezine with your contacts.  Please also share your feedback with us.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

80th (Nov 2013) edition of ezine PreSense: Viswanathan Anand + BBC + Chaturang + Bharat Ratna controversy + Suresh Kamath (CEO turned teacher) + many more

Viswanathan Anand
We are pleased to release the 80th (Nov 2013) edition of ezine PreSense. Broadly this edition contains the following:

1.  Man of the Month (Cover Story) on 'Viswanathan Anand deserves Bharat Ratna';

2.  Interesting facts about Bharat Ratna Award;

3.  Ancient Indian wisdom - Chaturanga;

4.  Historical events relating to November - BBC starting transmission in Nov 1922 - Interesting facts about BBC'

5.  No PRince cartoon in this month - See the funny cartoon sent by Triambak Sharma giving the reason for not contributing the cartoon;

6.  Bharat Ratna controversy - Sachin Tendulkar and Dr CNR Rao in controversy;

7.  Ignited Minds: Suresh Kamath, an Award winning software designer and CEO turned teacher - Inspiring story;

and many more.  The ezine may also be downloaded (670k in pdf) from

This is one of the milestone issues.  This is the 80th edition.  Editorial team thanks all readers for their sustained support and guidance. 

Please share the ezine with your contacts and also send us your feedback.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Interesting Story of Cartoon Character, PRince

The Interesting Story of Cartoon Character, PRince
Cartoon Character PRince
The cute little cartoon character, PRince has been adding value and humour to your ezine, PreSense for the past five years.  He has been conveying powerful messages with a sense of humour.  The creation and the journey of PRince is interesting and amazing. 

Triambak Sharma, Cartoonist
Triambak Sharma
In July 2008, on Dr Abdul Kalam’s suggestion, the editorial team decided to introduce cartoons in the ezine.  When we made an announcement to the effect in the PrPoint group, Mr Triambak Sharma, a well-known cartoonist from Raipur and the editor of Cartoonwatch volunteered to provide cartoons for the ezine every month.  Instead of publishing regular assorted cartoons, the editorial team decided on a cartoon character, on the lines of R K Laxman’s ‘Comman Man’, to convey the message. 

Announcement in the prpoint group
Announcement in prpoint group
On 3rd July 2008, the editorial team made an announcement about its idea, in the groups, and invited suggestions from the members, and also a suitable name for the character.  The team received an overwhelming response of 100 suggested names.  The suggestion given by Ms Uma, a communication professional to name the character ‘PRince’ received unanimous approval of the editorial team. ‘Prince’ was introduced to the groups on 10th July 2008. 

“I wanted PRince to be the youth icon of this 21st century, as a representative of the professionals working in corporate and other offices.  Hence, I created him as an energetic young person a wearing trendy outfit with necktie.  I am proud that PRince was born in Raipur”, says Triambak Sharma proudly. 

Dr Abdul Kalam launching cartoon character
The first cartoon, created by Triambak Sharma, was launched by Dr Abdul Kalam himself with his autograph, on 24th July 2008 at Rajbhavan, Chennai. The cartoon character was created and launched within 20 days of the editorial team’s decision to include the cartoon in the ezine.

Every edition of the ezine from July 2008 onwards contains the PRince cartoon.  In every issue, PRince conveyed a powerful message with a sense of humour.  Thus, PRince won itself many fans.  PRince became popular worldwide.

In April 2010, The Wall Street Journal of America, carried one of the PRince cartoons with the permission of Triambak Sharma.
Wall street journal carrying PRince cartoon in April 2010
Wall Street Journal carrying PRince cartoon
The popularity of PRince grew day by day, both nationally and internationally.

In May 2010, a CD containing the PRince cartoons was released on the occasion of the launch of the Golden Jubilee edition (50th) of ezine. it was also displayed on the internet.

PRince cartoon Feb 2011
PRince cartoon Feb 2011
PRince who was a Casanova till then, married his sweetheart ‘PRincess’ in the Diamond Jubilee 60th edition, published in February 2011 (picture on the right). “Only married people can understand the problems of the common person and communicate in a mature manner.  Subsequent to his marriage, PRince started talking about many serious issues affecting the common citizen”, says Triambak Sharma when asked why PRince married hastily.  The readers could notice that after the 61st edition, PRince conveyed more serious messages than what he used to, before his marriage.

Dr Abdul Kalam's speech referring PRince
Dr Abdul Kalam's speech referring PRince
Interestingly, Dr A P J Abdul Kalam himself is one of the great fans of PRince. While addressing the Cartoon Festival at New Delhi on 29th April 2011, Dr Abdul Kalam suggested that cartoonists should be remembered for creating cartoon characters like ‘Common Man’ and ‘PRince’. 
Dr Raman Singh, Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh receiving the CD containing PRince cartoons from Triambak Sharma

In the  Cartoon Festival organised at Raipur (Chhattisgarh) on 29th June 2013,  Dr Raman Singh, the Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh was the Chief Guest.  A video poresentation on the cartoon character PRince was shown to the Hon’ble Chief Minister and to the audience.  A CD containing the past 55 cartoons published in the ezine from July 2008 to June 2013 was also handed over to Dr Raman Singh, the Chief Minister by Triambak Sharma.  The Chief Minister highly appreciated the concept of cartoon character and enjoyed the PRince cartoons.

The past 75 editions of ezine PreSense and the ebook on PRince cartoons can be downloaded from the link.

Please watch a brief video presentation on the PRince cartoon.

While Mumbai can be proud of ‘Common Man’ created by R K Laxman, Raipur can now be proud of Triambak’s ‘PRince’. 

(The images and the contents are in public domain.  They can be freely distributed and shared with others.)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Oct 2012 issue of ezine: Dr Ashok Khemka + India Pak War 1947 + India China War 1962 + many more

67th Edition (Oct 2012) of our ezine PreSense contains the follows:

1.  Man of the month and cover story: Dr Ashok Khema IAS, who was transferred 41 times in his 20 years of service.

2.  In the historical section relating to October, we have featured India-Pak War (1947) and India-China War (1962).  Interestingly, invasion by enemy countries  in both the cases started on 20th October of the respective years. Immediately after our Independence, India was facing challenges at the borders.  Pakistan and China occupied a major portion of our J & K then.  The problem remains unresolved till date.   Please read the insight.

3.  In the 'Ancient Indian Wisdom' section, we have brought out how our ancient Indians were using vimanas (flying machines).  Readers will be surprised to know that Sri Lanka King Ravana had 6 Airports in his kingdom.  Please read the interesting facts.

4.  Mr Munna Kumar Arya (27), a young man from interior Bihar is doing a great job with his team to motivate the youth to realise the Vision 2020. We have brought out his inspiring story.

5.  Under the controversy section, we have analysed the recent developments  relating to the activists and media targeting on individual political leaders to defame them.  

6.  Under the 'Social issue' section, we have discussed the problems relating to elders.

Besides, we have included the 'Archives from the past ezine' . Triambak's PRince cartoon and Mr Talwant Singh's speech on "Cyber war'.  

The ezine may also be downloaded form the following link.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Aug 2012 - Mahatma on Independence Day + Evils of tobacco

We are pleased to release the August 2012 issue (65th edition) of ezine PreSense.  In this issue, we cover the following.

1. Cover Story -  Indian Olympic Medalists.
2. Inspiring speech of Dr Abdul Kalam.
3. History Section - Where was Mahatma Gandhi on Independence Day?
4. Social Issue - Deadly combination of smoking and alcohol.
5. Education - Accreditation for Communication, Marketing, HR professionals.
6. Ignited Minds - Kuthambakkam Elango
7. Triambak's PRince cartoon.
8. Controversy Section - Banning of Mobile SMS.
9. From the Archives of Aug 06 edition - Attitude and Stress Management.

From this issue, we have introduced two new sections, (1) From the Archives of the ezine (corresponding month 6 years back) and (2) one social issue.

We hope you will continue to enjoy this ezine and share with your friends and colleagues. 

This ezine may also be downloaded from the following link. (650 k in pdf)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Journey of PRince (cartoon character) - July 08 to April 10

When the ezine was celebrating the Second Anniversary in Feb 08, Mr T S Krishnamoorthy (Former Chief Election Commissioner of India) suggested to include cartoon section in the ezine.  Within few weeks, we had the opportunity of listening to Dr Abdul Kalam, who appealed to all media to use more of cartoons, to bring cheers on the face of readers.
The Editorial Team decided to introduce cartoons every month and circulated the information.  We wanted to create an unique 'cartoon character' like 'common man' of R K Lakshman. .  Based on the suggestions of one of our members, we named  the cartoon character as 'PRince'.
Mr Triambak Sharma, Editor, Cartoon Watch  (photo) and one of the well known cartoonists of  India created the character PRince.  PRince was launched by Dr Abdul Kalam himself in July 2008 with his autograph.  From that day, PRince also joined our team and started his journey.   Every month, we carry one cartoon of PRince drawn by Mr Triambak Sharama.  
Please enjoy the PRince cartoons published by us from July 08 to April 10 in the ezine.
You can watch in YouTube 

You can watch through slide show:

Friday, January 2, 2009

Dec 08 - Cartoon is a global language - A great communication tool

Cartoons are great communication tool and they do not have any language. Word-less cartoon is a global language. December 2008 issue of ezine PR-e-Sense deals with the effectiveness of the cartoons.

This issue is guest edited by Mr Triambak Sharma, Editor of Cartoon Watch, the only cartoon magazine published in India from Raipur. In an exclusive podcast interview, he explains as to how cartoons can be great communication tool for any corporates.

In this issue, we bring out a case study of a cartoon published in one of the leading Tamil weekly Ananda Vikatan angered the politicians leading to the arrest of the Editor of the magazine, who was later released due to the agitation by the media at global level.

A simple cartoon can communicate more effectively than ten thosuand words. That is why, it angers the politicians also.

The ezine may be downloaded from the following link (790k)

Please listen to the podcast interview of Mr Triambak Sharma. Please click to play. (The streaming of audio will be smooth, in broadband. In case, you find any difficulty, please download in mp3 format and play in any mp3 player)

You can also listen to this podcast from the following link

Right click to download and save to your desktop

Friday, July 25, 2008

Dr Abdul Kalam launches ezine's cartoon character PRince

Dr Abdul Kalam launching the cartoon character Prince

Corporate ezine PR-e-Sense carries cartoons from the month of April 2008. The Editorial Board decided to create a new cartoon character, an youth who will be starting his journey from the July 2008 issue onwards. The name 'PRince' was suggested by Ms Uma, one of the communication professionals and a member of prpoint group and this name was accepted by all. The cartoon character is named as PRince. Mr Triambak Sharma, Editor, Cartoon Watch, the only cartoon magazine of India has been contributing cartoons every month for the ezine. He created the PRince, who will be featured in all the future cartoons.

Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, former President of India launched this new cartoon character on 24th July 2008 during his visit to Chennai in the presence of few young professionals. As a token of the launch, he also put his signature on the new cartoon character PRince, who will be moving around from July 2008 onwards. In the picture, Dr Abdul Kalam is seen signing on the cartoon. K. Srinivasan, Editor-in-Chief is looking on.

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