Friday, July 25, 2008

Dr Abdul Kalam launches ezine's cartoon character PRince

Dr Abdul Kalam launching the cartoon character Prince

Corporate ezine PR-e-Sense carries cartoons from the month of April 2008. The Editorial Board decided to create a new cartoon character, an youth who will be starting his journey from the July 2008 issue onwards. The name 'PRince' was suggested by Ms Uma, one of the communication professionals and a member of prpoint group and this name was accepted by all. The cartoon character is named as PRince. Mr Triambak Sharma, Editor, Cartoon Watch, the only cartoon magazine of India has been contributing cartoons every month for the ezine. He created the PRince, who will be featured in all the future cartoons.

Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, former President of India launched this new cartoon character on 24th July 2008 during his visit to Chennai in the presence of few young professionals. As a token of the launch, he also put his signature on the new cartoon character PRince, who will be moving around from July 2008 onwards. In the picture, Dr Abdul Kalam is seen signing on the cartoon. K. Srinivasan, Editor-in-Chief is looking on.


The very fact thar Dr APJ Abdul kalam has unveiled PRince shows the importance attache to the PR profession.Can we se how PRince looks like?

Philip Joshua

Hi Philip

thanks for your comment. The cartoon with his signature will be released in our July 08 issue. PRince has taken the blessings of Dr Kalam to move around. He is getting ready to meet you. Please wait. He will come and meet you within a week. - Srinivasan

Excellant work done by Mr.Srinivasan in this regard. We are all eagarly waiting to see the Prince with Mr.APJ signature. I hope you will show us the same at the earliest. Thanks M. Venkataraman

Hats off to Mr. Srinivasan. Creating ripples sitting in a world's smallest office. Like to see you more such PRinces in the future. Wish you all the very best......

Abdul kalam is one of my favourite persons whom i admire...The opening of PRince by abdul kalam adds different flavour to this event

abdul kalam is one of my favourite persons whom i admire...Opening of PRince by kalam makes this event more beautiful

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