Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sep 2013 edition of ezine PreSense: Raghuram Rajan + Sep 11 attack on WTC + Konark Temple + Raghul Gandhi's outburst in Press Conference + Prioritising the task + many more

We are pleased to release  the 78th (Sep 2013) edition of ezine PreSense.  This edition contains broadly the following.

1.  Cover Story : Mr Raghuram Rajan, the new RBI Governor.

2.  Ancient Indian Wisdom: Konark Temple.

3.  Historical events of the month: 9/11 Terrorist attack on Twin Towers at US.

4.  From the archives: Prioritising the tasks and tips to avoid procrastination.

5.  PRince cartoon by Triambak Sharma.

6.  Controversy: Recent outburst of  Rahul Gandhi calling the 'MPs disqualification ordinance' as 'complete nonsense'.

7.  Ignited Minds:  Top performing Lok Sabha MPs upto the latest sitting.

In addition, our usual sections like inspiring quotes from Dr Abdul Kalam and Vivekananda 150 are also included.

The Sep 2013 issue of ezine may also  be downloaded from the following link.  (800k in pdf)

You may kindly share this ezine with your contacts.  We also look forward to your feedback.

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