Monday, October 1, 2012

Sep 12 - Homage to Dr Kurien + World War II + many more

66th edition of ezine PreSense (Sep 2012).  This ezine contains broadly the following:

1.  Cover story:  Ever cheerful 'Amul Girl' wept for the first time in early Sep 2012 to mourn the demise of Dr Varghese Kurien, Milkman of India. Triambak's touching cartoon also adds value to the cover story.

2.  Under historical events relating to September, we have featured World War II, which commenced on 1st Sep 1939 and ended on 2nd Sep 1945.  Please look at the rare pictures. 

3.  From this issue, we are including a new section titled "Ancient Indian Wisdom".  Every month, we will be bringing out the greatness of our ancient wisdom.  In this issue, we have brought out how Rig Veda was used in the first phonograph, invented by Graham Bell.  

4.  Under 'Social issues', we have featured  the health hazard due to  the bad manners of using saliva for turning pages and spitting on the public places.

5.  Under 'Ignited Minds', we have featured Mr Aum Murugan, a Railway employee who has conducted more than 700 eye camps and health camps, besides providing vocational training to 3000 persons annually. 

6.  Recent decision of the Government of India to allow FDI in muti-brand retail has generated lot of debates in India. We have featured this issue under our controversy section.

As usual, we have also included Dr Kalam's inspiring quotes, articles from the archives of the ezine, etc.    We are confident that you will continue to enjoy this ezine.  Please share your feedback.

This ezine may also be downloaded from 

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