Sunday, June 2, 2019

147th (May 2019) edition of eMagazine PreSense: Editorial on the cabinet of Modi 2.0 + Cover Story on crowning of Modi for second term + Job opportunity at US + History and Physiology of Laughing + Magnetic Stripes in cards + many more

We are pleased to release the 147th (May 2019) issue of emagazine PreSense broadly with the following contents :

1.  Achievement of this month : From this issue, we will be mentioning one great achievement, which has escaped the attention of media.  Accordingly, this month's achievement is the launch of RISAT-2B by ISRO.

2.  Editorial : K. Srinivasan and Susan Koshy write on the new cabinet of Modi Sarkar 2.0.

3.  Cover Story : K. Srinivasan and TN Ashok write on the reasons behind massive victory of Modi and the challenges before his Sarkar in the second term.

4.  Susan Koshy interviews Gujan Kuthiala, a talent acquisition expert in USA on the job opportunities in US and the skills needed.

5.  Dr R Jagannathan writes on 'The History and Physiology of Laughing".

6.  V Rajendran writes on the magnetic stripes in debit and credit cards.

7.  Triambak's ususal Prince cartoon.

The eMagazine may also be downloaded from the following link.

We are confident that readers will enjoy reading the contents.  Please also share this issue with your contacts.  Kindly send your feedback to

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