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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

90th (Sep 2014) edition of ezine PreSense - 100 days of Narendra Modi as PM + Bombing of Madras 100 years ago + Significance of Aum + Rajdeep Sardesai controversy at US + Health tips + many more

We are pleased to release / attach the 90th (Sep 2014) edition of your ezine PreSense with the following contents:

1.  Cover Story : 100 days of Narendra Modi as PM - Editorial team analyses the public perception based on our survey. 

2.  Historical Importance of the month September : Madras (now known as Chennai) was bombed in September 1914 by a German Warship Emden - Interesting insight by K. Srinivasan.

3.  Ancient Indian Wisdom :  Susan Koshy analyses the significance of Aum and compares with Amen. Ameen and Shalom.

4.  From the Archives of Sep 2008 - Dr Chandra Gupta gives health tips for 'Dental care'.
5.  Dr Kalam's quote : Editorial team brings out an interesting  experience of Dr Abdul Kalam during his college days. 

6.  Ignited Minds: Susan Koshy's write up on Murali Vilaveti's contribution to the society.

7.  Controversy : K. Srinivasan analyses the recent controversy involving Rajdeep Sardesai, a senior journalist at Madison Grounds (US) during the PM visit. 

8.  Usual PRince cartoon.

We are confident that you will continue to enjoy this edition.  Please also send us your feed back.

We allow students and professionals who are interested to learn the making of ezine.  If anybody interested, they can write to us personally and our editorial team can involve them in one of the future issues right from the planning stage to the release stage. .

This ezine can also be downloaded form the link.

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