Monday, November 1, 2010

October 2010 - Public Affairs (PA)

"Public Affairs", popularly known as 'PA',  is one of the reputed professions in the developed nations like US and Europe.  Though, there are controversies about 'unethical lobbying' even in those countries, they have in-built systems to check the professional conduct.
Public Affairs is emerging as a sub-sect of Public Relations Agencies in India, in the recent past. Definitely, it is going to have a big market in India.   Many PR Agencies have declared in their websites that they offer PA to their clients.  Meanwhile, in the past months, one of the CEOs of a well known PR Agency was debated for the alleged  involvement of 2G Spectrum Scam.  Even two days back, Indian Supreme Court has come out heavily on the Government for not taking actions. 
With this background, PA is being perceived negatively in India.   
We were able to get views from International experts and other Indian experts.  While compiling the ezine, we found that 'non-transparency' is the main factor of such negative perception about the profession.  When few of the  PA practitioners resort to 'lobbying' with un-ethical practices and bribery, the genuine professionals also get a bad name. 
We have brought out views from eminent professionals across the globe.  We are confident that you will enjoy reading this issue of ezine.  
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