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Thursday, September 1, 2016

114th (August 2016) edition of ezine: Editorial - UnSung Heroes of freedom struggle + Cover story on lessons learnt from Rio Olympics + Review on Monsoon session of Parliament + Unknown facts about Kohinoor + many more

We are pleased to release / attach herewith the 114th (August 2016) edition of ezine PreSense with the following contents.

Ministry of HRD has published the draft National Education Policy 2016 (NEP2016) in their site and they have requested all stakeholders to give their views before 15th September 2016.  PreSense has arranged a seminar on Saturday the 3rd September 2016 at Chennai with eminent academic and administration professionals to debate the NEP2016.  We will consolidate the views and submit to MHRD for consideration.  If readers want to share any view to be included in the consolidation, please send before 5th September 2016.  Those who are in Chennai and around may attend the panel discussions.  Registration details are included in the ezine.

This edition contains the following:

1.  Editorial :  Prime Point Srinivasan writes on how several UnSung Heroes of freedom movement have been ignored.  He features Shri Arya K Bhashyam, who removed Union Jack and hoisted Indian Tricolour in the Flag Post of Fort. St. George at Chennai in 1932.  
2.  Cover Story:  Susan Koshy writes on the lessons to be learnt from Rio Olympics 2016.

3. Politics:  Prime Point Srinivasan analyses the performance of Monsoon Session 2016 of the Parliament and names the top three performers. 

4.  Special Story:  Sukruti V Narayanan writes on the unknown facts about Kohinoor diamond.

5.  From the Archives of August 2010 edition:  Glossary of Digital Advertising

6.  Interesting Prince cartoon by Triambak Sharma.

This ezine may also be downloaded from the link (pdf 1.3 k)

We are confident that you will enjoy this edition.  We request you to kindly send us your feedback to

Thursday, January 1, 2015

93rd (Dec 2014) edition of ezine PreSense: Cover story on Rajaji + Analysis of Parliament function + Sanskrit as computer language + Is Money a Perfect Linguist? + many more

On behalf of Editorial Team of PreSense, I wish all the readers a very happy and prosperous New Year 2015.  

We are happy to release the 93rd (Dec 2014) edition of your ezine PreSense broadly with the following contents:

1.  Cover Story - Part I - Rajaji – Mahatma Gandhi’s Conscience Keeper, History’s Forgotten Hero – Role in Pre Independent era - (Rajaji's birth day and death day fall in December) - By K Srinivasan & Sukruti Vadula

2.  Cover Story - Part II - Rajaji's  Role in the Post-Independent Era - By K Srinivasan & Sukruti Vadula

3.  Inspiring quote from Dr Abdul Kalam - Schools and Colleges should introduce moral science 
classes once a week 

4.  Nation and Governance: Performance of the Parliamentarians (Individuals and States) till the End of the Winter Session 2014 - By K. Srinivasan

5.  Technology Corner: Sanskrit – The Ideal Language for the Computer and Artificial Intelligence - By Susan Koshy

6.  Between You and Me: Is Money a Perfect Linguist? - By Kavipriya (Reader's Column)

7.  PRince Cartoon - By Triambak Sharma

8.  Best of 2014 - From the archives of ezine PreSense 

The ezine may also be downloaded from the following link.

We request you to kindly share the ezine with your contacts.  Please also send us your feedback.

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