Thursday, November 1, 2012

Oct 2012 issue of ezine: Dr Ashok Khemka + India Pak War 1947 + India China War 1962 + many more

67th Edition (Oct 2012) of our ezine PreSense contains the follows:

1.  Man of the month and cover story: Dr Ashok Khema IAS, who was transferred 41 times in his 20 years of service.

2.  In the historical section relating to October, we have featured India-Pak War (1947) and India-China War (1962).  Interestingly, invasion by enemy countries  in both the cases started on 20th October of the respective years. Immediately after our Independence, India was facing challenges at the borders.  Pakistan and China occupied a major portion of our J & K then.  The problem remains unresolved till date.   Please read the insight.

3.  In the 'Ancient Indian Wisdom' section, we have brought out how our ancient Indians were using vimanas (flying machines).  Readers will be surprised to know that Sri Lanka King Ravana had 6 Airports in his kingdom.  Please read the interesting facts.

4.  Mr Munna Kumar Arya (27), a young man from interior Bihar is doing a great job with his team to motivate the youth to realise the Vision 2020. We have brought out his inspiring story.

5.  Under the controversy section, we have analysed the recent developments  relating to the activists and media targeting on individual political leaders to defame them.  

6.  Under the 'Social issue' section, we have discussed the problems relating to elders.

Besides, we have included the 'Archives from the past ezine' . Triambak's PRince cartoon and Mr Talwant Singh's speech on "Cyber war'.  

The ezine may also be downloaded form the following link.

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