Sunday, March 1, 2020

156th (Feb 2020) edition of eMagazine PreSense: Editorial on recent Delhi violence + Cover Story on Mobile vulnerability + Analysis of Delhi elections + Report on NGPL workshop + Prince cartoon + many more

We are pleased to release the 156th (Feb 2020) edition of eMagazine PreSense broadly with the following contents.

1.  Editorial :  Susan Koshy writes on the recent Delhi violence and the need for restraint. Editorial expresses concern over the attack on Police force and the silence of all Human Right forums. 

2.  Cover Story :  Prime Point Srinivasan writes on the mobile vulnerability and tips to protect the mobile from being hacked.

3.  National :  T N Ashok analyses the recent Delhi Assembly elections.

4.  Prime Point Srinivasan writes on the NGPL workshop, which has brought together young and senior leaders of all divergent political leaders.

5.  Triambak Sharma's Prince cartoon -  Triambak has brought nicely the need for preserving trees in his usual style.  

This edition may also be downloaded from the following link

We are confident that our readers will enjoy this edition too.  Please send us your feedback to

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