Thursday, October 1, 2020

163rd (Sep 2020) Edition of eMagazine PreSense: Editorial on Parlimanet functioning + Cover Story on Economic consequences after Covid 19 + 1983 Andhra tour of Mrs Indira Gandhi + Alzheimer’s Disease * Interesting facts about Ozone layer + Reports on Saturday Talk and Sangamam + Triambak's Princetoon


1.  Editorial : K. Srinivasan writes on the current Parliament Session and about the criticisms of the  Government and Opposition mutually against each other  on the violation of Democratic norms.

2.  Cover Story : Prof. Dr Prabhakar Krishnamurthy writes on the Economic consequences due to Covid 19.

3.  Environment : Prof. Dr R Jagannathan writes on the Ozone Layer.

4.  Anecdote : T N Ashok records from his membry the interesting incidents of Mrs Indira Gandhi's election tour of Andhra in 1983.

5. Health: Ms Susan Koshy interviews Dr A V Srinivasan, Internationally renowned Neurologist on Alzheimer's Disease, where one forgets and fails to remember.

6.  Reports on the Saturday Talk and Sangamam series, initiatives of this eMagazine PreSense with YouTube links.

7.  Triambak's Prince cartoon.

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