Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 2010 - Online Advertising

August 2010 edition of ezine deals with the various concepts and fundamental information about 'Online Advertising'.
Online Advertising has come to stay in the marketing and branding strategies. Presently, the global internet penetration is around 30% and it is growing at fast rate. With the emergence of internet technology, the concept of advertising is undergoing a tremendous change.
A recent study shows that online advertisement, which was around 6% over the total global ad-spend in 2006 has now become 12% in 2010 and is growing at fast rate. Another study reveals that in UK alone, the online advertisement constitutes around 25% of the total ad-spend.
When we conducted an online survey in August 10 for this purpose, we realised the lack of knowledge about the online advertisement in developing countries. Hence, we decided to publish this ezine with more of fundamentals, to create a taste in this new area of marketing tool.
Ms Divya Sesha, who is presently working in an online advertising firm at London has taken lot of efforts in putting together the concept in a simple language, to enable every one to understand the concept.
The ezine may be downloaded from the following link. (488 k in pdf)
Please see the introduction by Divya Sesha, Guest Editor.
The preview of the ezine

Sunday, August 1, 2010

July 2010 - Right to Education Act

July 2010 issue of ezine deals with 'Right to Education Act'

Though the constitution provided ‘right to education’ under Article 45, it has taken nearly 60 years for the various successive Governments to enact a law.  For the first time in Indian history, a law was brought into force by the Prime Minister addressing the Nation.  Though debates are going on about  the various challenges in implementation, it is a right step towards building the nation.  Though the scheme may face lot of teething problems for another four or five years, the real fruits of the scheme will start emerging after nearly 10 years.  Earlier, many were skeptical about RTI Act, when it was launched.  Presently, RTI Act has started giving good benefits.
The issues like 25% reservation in private schools, creating awareness among the poor parents who send their children for work, identification of eligible children may pose challenge during the initial period. If the general public, NGOs and the Government officials show some commitment, this historic law can position India  at the top of the world.
The ezine may be downloaded from the following link (550 k in pdf)

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