Saturday, June 2, 2012

May 2012 edition PreSense

62nd Edition of ezine PreSense contains broadly the following contents..

Nation and history

This edition brings out the interesting aspects of 60th Anniversary of Indian Parliament, Pokran II and the circumstances leading to the appointment of  Gen. Cariappa as the first Army Chief of India.

Ignited minds and Achievers

We are featuring the top 5 Parliamentarians of 15th Lok Sabha, based on their performance till the end of Budget Session 2012 (22 May 2012. 

We are also featuring three UnSung heroes Jagadeeswaran, Mugavari Ramesh and Shillong Chamber Choir. 

Viswanathan Anand adorns the cover of this ezine.


Our cartoon character Prince has come back with his usual wit and humour.  One of the celebrated cartoonists of India Mr Triambak Sharma has created this cartoon character 'Prince'  like 'common man' of R K Lakshman.  


Recently an actress posted a 'status message' in her facebook , which developed into 'hate message war' between two states in South.  This ezine  examines, whether the social media users have absolute freedom to write whatever they want.  We  analyse the legal implications of such situations, for the benefit of social media users. 

We request you to kindly read the ezine and also send your feedback to our team.    Please also share this with your friends and contacts.

The ezine may also be downloaded from the following link.  (530 k in pdf format)

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