Sunday, April 1, 2018

133rd (March 2018) edition of ezine PreSense: Editorial on challenged and differently abled persons + Cover Story on Stephen Hawking + Political ethics in Canada + Inspiring story of Divya + DiJAI Students Forum + many more

Editorial Team is pleased to release the 133rd (March 2018) edition of eMagazine PreSense broadly with the following contents:

1. Editorial :  Susan Koshy writes on how the challenged and differently abled persons in the society are not recognised properly in the society and the immediate need for bringing out the potential in them.

2.  Cover Story : Prof. R Jagannathan writes on the achievements of Stephen Hawking.

3. International :  Susan Koshy brings out the ethics followed by the political leaders in Canada.  This article is based on the interview with Ranjith, a political volunteer in Canada.

4.  Ignited Minds :  Susan Koshy writes a feature on the inspiring story of Divya, who braved all challenges during her childhood. 

5.  PreSense initiative : V Rajendran writes on the recent workshop organised by Digital Journalists Association of India (DiJAI), an initiative of PreSense, at Sivakasi and the formation of Students Forum in Virudhunagar District. 

6.  Triambak's Prince cartoon

PreSense is pleased to announce that the third printed edition of the Digest titled ‘PreSense 130’ will be released shortly. The Digest will be released as a hard copy and will also be available in downloadable PDF format, after release. This edition will include select articles published by us in the first 130 editions and will be supplementary to the earlier released Digest, PreSense 100+.

This eMagazine can be downloaded from the following link also.

We are confident that you will continue to enjoy this edition too.  Please share this edition with your contacts.  Please send us your feedback to

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