Thursday, February 28, 2008

Feb 2008 - Second Anniversary Issue - Exclusive with Dr APJ Abdul Kalam - Theme : Change

This ezine completes two years and enters third year successfully. Feb 2008 issue is the Special Second Anniversary Issue. This issue is unique in its own way.

If all the Indians chant with pride the 'Vision 2020' mantra, the entire credit goes to the duo Dr Abdul Kalam and Dr Y S Rajan, who authored the book India 2020 together. This edition is Guest Edited by Dr Y S Rajan and we carry the exclusive interviews from Dr Kalam and Dr Rajan.

Download the ezine

Please download the ezine from the following link ( 250k in pdf)

Podcast interview of Dr Kalam

Please listen to the exclusive interview with Dr Abdul Kalam - click to play ( 6 minutes)

You may also watch this podcast from the following link

You may download this podcast in wmv format - right click and save

Podcast interview of Dr Y S Rajan

To listen to the podcast interview of Dr Y S Rajan - click to play (13 minutes)

Video thumbnail. Click to play.


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