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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Nov 12 issue of ezine: Malala + Ayurveda + Sec 66A of IT Act + many more

November 2012 issue of ezine PreSense (68th edition) contains the following:

1. Cover story:  Pakistan child activist Malala who fought for the girls' education from her 11th age.   She was shot by Taliban fundamentalists.  UN declared 10th November as Malala Day.

2.  Ancient Indian Wisdom:   'Ayurveda'. Thousands of years ago, our ancestors used more than 100 surgical tools.  They even performed cataract operation and plastic surgery.  

3.  Ignited Minds:   Mr Muralidharan of Sevalaya.  They run a Higher Secondary School without a fee counter.  They provide education free of cost  to 1650 poorest of the poor rural children covering 32 villages.  They also take care of destitute children and old age people.  Sevalaya has brought transformation in many villages silently. 

4.  Historic events: Saluting the heroes of 26/11 Mumbai attack by Terrorists.

5.  Social issue : The  problems faced by 'single woman'.

6.  Controversy: Recent arrests of social media users at West Bengal, Puducherry and Maharashtra has triggered a controversy over the Section 66A of IT Act.  Even Chief Justice of India has expressed concern over the misuse of 66A.  

Besides, this edition also contains the usual inspiring quotes from Dr Abdul Kalam, Triambak's cartoon, podcast on jet-lag,  etc.

This edition may  be downloaded from the following link. (600k in pdf)

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