Thursday, August 1, 2013

July 2013 edition of ezine PreSense: Justice Sathasivam + French Revolution + Big Temple + Durga Sakthi IAS + RYA's book bank + amny more

We are pleased to release the July 2013 (76th) edition of ezine. This edition of  ezine was guest edited by a group of youth and students completely. On behalf of the editorial team, I congratulate the group. This edition contains:

1.  Man of the month and Cover story : Justice P Sathasivam;
2. Vivekananda 150: The first meeting of Narendranath with Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa;
3.  Ancient Indian wisdom: Thanjavur Big temple, an architectural marvel;
4. Historical events: French Revolution;
5. Triambak's PRince cartoon;
6. Controversy: Freebies offered by political parties;
7. Ignited Minds: Rajasthan Youth Association lends text books to needy students for the past 50 years;
8. Social issue: Why India needs to go for inventions, instead of development?
9. A brief note on Durga Sakthi Nagpal IAS, the brave young lady IAS officer who is now victimised for her honesty.

As announced earlier, we encourage youth to contribute articles to the ezine.  If a group of youth / students is willing to guest edit the entire ezine in our regular format, it can write to us at  

This ezine may also be downloaded from the following link.

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