Tuesday, July 1, 2014

87th {June 2014} edition of ezine PreSense: End of support to Windows XP + Linux + Delhi University crisis + Vanchinathan + Monsoon Rains + many more

We are pleased to release (attach) herewith June 2014 (87th) edition of ezine PreSense with the following contents.  

1.  Announcement about Dr APJ Abdul Kalam's next book titled "A Manifesto for Change' to be released on 14th July 2014.

2.  Cover Story 1:  End of support to Windows XP - what next? options before users.

3.  Cover Story 2: Interesting facts about Operating Systems (OS) - Unix, Windows, Mac, Linux

4.  Controversy: Delhi University crisis on FYUP

5.  Politics:  MPs' perks/salaries - Dos and Don'ts 

6.  Historical Importance of June - Vanchinathan who assassinated District Collector Ashe 103 years ago. (June 1911)

7.  Ancient Indian wisdom:  Monsoon rains in India

8.  From the archives: Health tips - 10 brain damaging habits (published in June 2008)

9.  PRince cartoon

The ezine may also be downloaded from the link (pdf 970 k)

We hope you will continue to enjoy this ezine.  We request you to kindly send us your feedback.  Please also share this with like minded people. 

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