Monday, December 31, 2007

Dec 2007 - Right to Information Act

Dec 2007 issue of Corporate ezine focusses on "Right to Information Act". This issue carries exclusive interviews from :

1. Mr Rajan Kahsyap, Chief Information Commissioner, Govt. of Punjab;
2. Mr A K Venkatasubramanian IAS (Retd), Former Secretary to Govt. of India
3. Mr R Desikan, Founder, Consumers Association of India

Right click this link to download the ezine (248 k in pdf format) and save to your desktop

Please also listen to the exclusive podcast interview of Mr A K Venkatasubrmanian. Click to play (10 minutes)

Download the audio in mp3 format ( 9.3 mb) - Right click and save


A few questions:
* Is our bureaucratic machinery adequately staffed and adequately efficient to handle their duties as well as give the information which, as time passes, is going to be asked in tons? In other words, is the time which would have been spent on performance of duties going to be now taken up for preparing and passing information which has to be given in a time-bound manner?
* While the citizen has a right to know why a certain problem arose, does the official have the right to make public the constraints, such as shortage of staff and resources, under which he has to work?
* What are the checks to ensure that "budding leaders" do not use the RTI for gaining popularity by creating news of putting officials to trouble?
* Will RTI instill in the system a fear of doing things for fear of making mistakes and bring the already slow system to a standstill?

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