Saturday, May 31, 2008

May 2008 - PR online resources

Public Relations online resources - May 2008 issue of Corporate ezine PR-e-Sense Image Management and PR Point Groups moderated by Prime Point Foundation are completing successful 9 years in June and entering 10th year. To coincide with this, May 2008 issue of Corporate ezine PR-e-Sense focusses on 'PR online Resources'.

In this issue, we have listed out many of the useful and active online resources. This ezine will serve as a hand book for all the PR professionals and students.

From this issue, we have also introduced 'Health Tips' for the benefit of youngsters. In this issue, we are dealing with 'Computer Vision Syndrome'. We have included tips for protecting the eyes when people are working in the computers for a long time.

This ezine may be downloaded from the following link ( pdf 425 k)


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