Friday, March 1, 2013

Jan 2013 (70th edition) Ezine: Vinton G Cerf + Vivekananda150 + M Narendra+ CIBIL + many more

Jan 2013 issue (70th Edition)  of ezine PreSense.   contains the following.

1.  Man of the month and Cover Story : Exclusive interview for our ezine with  Mr Vinton G Cerf, Father of Internet and who invented the  modern internet 30 years ago.  

2.  Vivekananda 150 :  How Vivekananda was responsible for establishing Indian Institute of Science at Bangalore.

3.  Ignited Minds :  Mr M Narendra, Chairman and Mg. Director of Indian Overseas Bank - The inspiring story of manager turned leader and podcast interview with him.

4.  Controversy:  How Taliban and Pak Terrorists hailed Indian Home Minister Mr Shinde for his remark on 'saffron terrorism'.

5.  Social Issue :  Cautioning the young bank borrowers about Credit Information Agency 'CIBIL'. Be ware and be aware of CIBIL.

6.  Historical event for Jan:  Making of Constitution - Interesting facts about Constituent Assembly and Republic Day.

7.  Ancient Indian Wisdom : Thirukkural, the book written 2000 years back - Second largest translated book in the world.

8.  From the Archives:  How to protect your eyes from the computers - Computer Vision syndrome.

9.  Triambak's PRince cartoon on Viswaroopam

The ezine is also downloadable (650 k in pdf) from

We hope you will continue to enjoy this ezine.  Please send your feedback to


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