Friday, December 1, 2017

129th (November 2017) edition of ezine PreSense: Editorial - Are social networking sites threat to national security? + Cover Story on the benefits of barefoot and 8 shaped walking + Interesting facts about Nobel Prize + Hubble space telescope + announcements relating to DiJAI and DiSAI + many more

Editorial Team is pleased to release/ attach the 129th (November 2017) edition of your ezine PreSense broadly with the following contents:

1.  Editorial:  V Rajendran writes on whether the social networking sites are threat to national security.

2.  Cover Story: K. Srinivasan and Susan Koshy write on the benefits of walking, including barefoot walking and 9 (eight) shaped walking.

3.  Dr R Jagannathan writes on the interesting facts about Nobel Prize.  

4.  Sukruti Narayanan writes about Hubble space telescope and expanding universe.

5.  Triambak Sharma's usual Prince cartoon.

6.  Announcement :  Digital Journalists Association of India (DiJAI), an initiative of this ezine PreSense invites amateur (non professional and students) to contribute their articles.

7.  Announcement :  PreSense starts the fourth initiative Digital Security Association of India (DiSAI) to create awareness about the digital security issues.

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