Tuesday, September 11, 2007

April 2007 - PR Bodies in India

April 2007 - PR Bodies in India

This edition of PR-e-Sense carries the theme "PR bodies in India". This editions discusses the ole of PR bodies in developing professional excellence.

Eminent people like Ms K Bhavani (President, Institute of Public Relations, Singapore), Dr C V N Reddy (Editor, PR Voice), Mr C J Singh (Mg. Director, Core PR, Chandigarh), Mr Yogesh Joshi, (President, Associaiton of Business Communicators of India) and many young / senior professionals have shared their views in the ezine.


This issue of PR-e-Sense is also integrated with a PodMagazine (Edition 7). This podMagazine carries interviews with eminent persons listed above.

Download the ezine (180 k in pdf format)

Listen to Podcast


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