Tuesday, September 11, 2007

May 2007 - Corporate misconceptions and idiosyncracies

May 2007 - Corporate misconceptions and Idiosyncracies

This edition of PR-e-Sense carries the theme Corporate Misconceptions and Idiosyncrasies" on media and communication.

Eminent people like Mr K Ramasubramanian (Mg. Director, Masscom PR, Coimbatore), Mr R Gopalakrishnan (Business Editor, The Hindu), Mr R Ramamurthy (Member of CII and FICCI) and few others have shared their views.


This issue of PR-e-Sense is also integrated with a PodMagazine (Edition 9). This podMagazine carries interviews with eminent persons listed above.

Download the ezine ( 210 k in pdf format)

Listen to podcast


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