Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 2010 - Employee Retention

'Employee attrition’ and ‘employee retention’ are the most used buzz word in corporate sector nowadays.  The so-called recession helped companies to retain the employees by default, as there was a virtual freeze on the recruitment last year.  Now that the economy is looking up, there is a sudden tendency of increasing attrition even among big companies. 
For this issue, we conducted a snap online survey to study the mindset of various employees.  ‘Immediate boss’ is one of the factors of employees leaving the companies.  As one management guru said, employees do not leave the companies, but they leave only the managers. 
In this issue, we have analysed various factors leading to attrition and also the consequences of employees jumping jobs often.  In our study, we found that across the board, the employees and managers lack good soft skills and leadership skills.   It is time that the Managements took it seriously and take steps to impart soft skills among the employees.
The ezine may be downloaded from the following link: pdf 485 k
Preview of the ezine


Dear sir,
I appreciate the real and worth survey of opinion of bosses.Points are true indeed.What are the solutions? On the side,employers have same points .I feel that basically , we lost trust ,sincerity and honesty among most of us.The solution is simple.To get more friends, the best method is to be a good friend to all first.Likewise, if anyone is good by showing sincere, honest and trustworthy work and behaviour, he will live happily. To be happy, make others happy is the formula.
This model, we as a team, can make it successful if you give a chance in any company.Thanks.By Dr Selvarajan,Coimbatore.

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