Sunday, January 31, 2021

167th (Jan 2021) edition of eMagazine PreSense : Cover Story on 'Making and presentation of Union Budget' + Editorial on Unsung Heroes + Security of women in digital space + freedom of speech not absolute + Trends in media and journalism + many more

We are pleased to release the 167th (Jan 2021) edition of our eMagazine PreSense broadly with the following contents.

1. Cover Story: K. Srinivasan and Susan Koshy  write on the 'Making and presentation of Union Budget' based on the exclusive interview with Mr M R Sivaraman, Former Revenue Secretary to Govt. of India.

2.  Editorial : Susan Koshy writes on how UnSung Heroes become Heroes.

3.  V Rajendran writes on 'Security of women in digital space' based on the exclusive interview with Mr Ravi, Addl. DGP.

4.  Priyadharshni writes on the 'Freedom of speech and expression  - not absolute', based on interview with Mr Rahul Bhandari, Advocate on Record, Supreme Court of India.

5.  Susan Koshy writes on the 'Trends in media and journalism' based on the exclusive interview with Dr Ramachandramurthy and Ms Sneha Gore.

6. T N Ashok, writes on the interesting episode of his meeting Yuri Gagarin, the first man in the space. 

7. Triambak's Prince cartoon

and many more.

This edition can be downloaded from this link.

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